The consortium consists of a carefully chosen mix of key representatives from different parts of the knowledge chain and a wide range of disciplines. Combining expertise in natural sciences, social sciences and key institutes in transition science and human capital, we aim to provide transformation pathways for the water and governance systems to achieve waterscapes. Within the consortium we bring together interdisciplinary expertise of nationally leading and internationally recognized academics on climate science, physical hydrology, water governance, environmental law and planning.

Consortium partners:


Utrecht University, Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance, Faculty of Geosciences, the Netherlands

Wageningen University, Public Administration and Policy group, Soil, Physics and Land Management group, the Netherlands






HAS University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands


Van Hall Larenstein, University of applied sciences, the Netherlands


Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium


STOWA, the Netherlands


KWR Water Research Institute, Netherlands


Vitens, the Netherlands


Natuurmonumenten, the Netherlands


Hydrologic, the Netherlands


Waterschap Noorderzijlvest, the Netherlands


KnowH2O, the Netherlands


Provincie Brabant, the Netherlands


Planbureau voor de Leefomgeving, the Netherlands

Collaborating partners:

KNMI, the Netherlands


Stichting Wageningen Research, Wageningen Environmental Research (WENR), the Netherlands


Deltares, the Netherlands



Staatsbosbeheer, the Netherlands


Brabant Water, the Netherlands


Hoogheemraadschap Stichtse Rijnlanden, the Netherlands


Waterschap Brabantse Delta, the Netherlands


VEWIN, the Netherlands