WP6 – “Spatial landscape design”

WP6: Spatial landscape design and visual storylines to support stakeholder discussions

Leader: Dr. Patrick Witte, Utrecht University

In WP6, we approach the water system holistically, to contribute to achieving the desired water transition. To this end, WP6 integrates knowledge of the physical design (WP2 and 3) and governance design (WP4 and 5). WP6 functions as the interaction between the physical system and the governance system. In this, we bring together stakeholders and researchers that jointly develop visual storylines, leading to collaborative learning and enabling the desired transformations of the water system in the Netherlands. The storylines can be seen as joint imaginaries resulting from stakeholder discussion, informed by analysis of the physical and governance system from the other WPs. The development of these transformation pathways can be seen as a process of constant re-evaluation together with the stakeholders, in which short-term and long-term goals of the stakeholders are evaluated in the light of the most recent climate-scenarios. The central aim of this WP is to investigate how to combine and integrate the knowledge of different disciplines and WPs involved in this project.

The activities of this work package can be divided into four steps:

  1. Development of tailored storylines at different stages of the project that integrate transformation pathways of the physical and governance system (provide by WP2/3 and WP4/5, respectively) as part of waterscapes and facilitate stakeholder dialogues.
  2. Development of a roundtable protocol that supports the inconvenient dialogues among stakeholders in the roundtable sessions per living lab region.
  3. Iterations of the storylines to arrive at a desired and possible future vision for waterscapes within the three living lab regions.
  4. Visualization of waterscape storylines (e.g. through digital/GIS-based planning support tools).

Involved consortium partners:

Dr. Wieke Pot, Prof.dr. Art Dewul, Dr.ir. Ruud Bartholomeus

Dr. Niko Wanders

Frank van Gaalen