WaterScape aims to answer the following main research questions:

  • WP1: Where will climate extremes lead to severe impacts on water availability and result in increased pressure on agriculture, nature, industry and drinking water supply in the current water system?
  • WP2: What is the role of soil-water-plant-atmosphere interactions in the shallow roundwater and rooting zone for the local water availability and land-use practices?
  • WP3: What is the role of land use and surface water – groundwater interactions for the regional groundwater systems and water availability for actors?
  • WP4: What are transformation pathways towards integrated, just and adaptive governance arrangements for Dutch waterscapes?
  • WP5: How can the law contribute to the creation of waterscapes in the Netherlands by 2050 in a just, legitimate and effective way?
  • WP6: How to combine and integrate natural and social sciences knowledge of the physical water system and water governance in storylines towards desired waterscapes with input from inconvenient stakeholder dialogues?
  • WP7: How can scientists and practitioners co-produce knowledge that will be embedded within universities, governments and consultancies?